ppeonhi bwa nohgo
dab jangeun an hae
eolmana bappeushi gillae
kkeut nago mwohae
eolgul jom bolkka
oneul uri yaegi jom hae

eontteut paeteoneun biseuta jiman
yeonae chogi geugeot gwan dalla
moreun cheog haedo igeon deo isang
milgo danggi giga anya

mimyohan shingyeong jeondeuri
deoneun piryochi anheun sai
neureo jildaero neureojyeo ganeun
Running time

nunchil salpimyeo
shigan man kkeureo
ae taeuneun jeouiga mwoya
yutong gihaneun kkeutnan ji orae
sang haedo hancham sanghaetji

hyeo kkeuteul jina gido jeone beolsseo
jiru haejyeo beorin nae ireum
aein seureobge bullyeo bon ge
eonje deonga jjanhae

dashi kkeulh gido pug shighi gido
tteustteu mijeog jigeun han ondo
kkeuti boijil anhneuni nunchi geim
harudo deo motae
geurae naega jyeosseo
erai bigeobhan namja ya

English Translation

You clearly saw my text
but there’s no answer
Just how busy are you?
What’re you doing afterwards?
Wanna meet up?
Let’s talk

The pattern is similar but It’s different
from the beginning of our relationship
I could pretend to not notice but
This isn’t about playing hard to get

We don’t need the subtle
mind games anymore
It’s dragging and dragging,
our running time

We’re carefully eyeing each other
and wasting time What is your real
intention of making me anxious? It’s been
long since our expiration date has passed
Our relationship has completely spoiled

Even before it rolls off the tip of your
tongue, my name already sounds so boring
When was the last time you called
my name like a lover? So sad

Can’t make things boiling hot
or completely cooled The temperature
is at a lukewarm state There is
no end to these mind games I can’t do
this for another day, fine, I lost
Ugh, you coward

cr : romanization by kromanized.com
engtrans by pop!gasa