Hello Everyone , I am EXO’s voice , Chanyeol.
Hello Everyone~
It’s me Chanyeol who is in charge of the Height and Facial Expressions and Reaction and Rap and Sub Vocal and all the positive talks in EXO!

You must have watched the Growl (으르렁) video right? Isn’t the Recording technique amazing?
As promised , after 2 weeks we’re back with new songs and performance.
It’s great right ? I’m feeling good too!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

During Wolf activity , we received a lot of love and support .
Once again , thank you so much to our pretty fans , we can believe you right?
This time , please give “Growl” your love and support.
Oh! I’m gonna be M! Countdown’s MC! clap your hands!!! jjak jjak jjak

It’s my first time doing the broadcast and slightly nervous but finding you all coming makes me happy!
Please give support to the Sulli Sunbae who is the MC as well.ㅋㅋㅋ

Tomorrow is the 1st stage for”Growl” . Please anticipate it and give lots of support and love especially to our upcoming hecticactivites!!
Till now , this is EXO’s blessed Endless Energy, Chanyeol!뿅♥


translated by @put95eri