To everyone whom I love
Are you doing well? I’m doing well.
My literacy style isn’t fancy, my handwriting isn’t good, but

I, who has talent in drawing
Am planning to type a love letter to everyone whom I love.
The end of fall is slowly becoming the cold winter. Everyone be sure to wear warm clothes^^

In the past few years during this season, because it was cold, I would always stay at home. Then spend this day, which should belong to my mother and I, with a few good friends or alone.
I won’t talk here about why I couldn’t spend it with my mother~ (omitting 50-100 characters here^^)

The reason why I was staying at home during this summer is because I’m a koala, oh, no, what I mean to say is that I have a nickname that’s Koala, so when it gets colder I need some rest (haha)
Hum… I’m a bit off topic, it was clearly a letter written for you, why do I keep talking about myself?

It’s because of you that this ordinary day became a warmer and special day like this.
Aside from the warmth, it also has a special meaning, and at the same time as being meaningful, there were a lot of feelings too. (omitting 1000 characters here too^^)
“Thank you” these few words, even though they are simple
To everyone who likes me, loves me, and every single person who will fly with me in the future
I sincerely want to say “Thank you”.

My goddess, my angel, my uncomplicated and extraordinary Fan relatives (Fan relatives = my relatives), please forgive me for my powerlessness. (T/N: here Kris uses “fan” 3 times, “bu fan” as uncomplicated, also as extraordinary, and “Fan” again for his surname, it’s like a tongue twister I guess.)
What I can do for you is limited, yet you’ve done so much for me.
That’s why, if you can, please allow me to do what I can, to continue bringing you joy and happiness within this limited time of mine.



source : exo-m official website

via : exoind